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Nayanatara lashes out at media

As per the latest reports, the rumors went on viral about Nayantara that actress has publicly bought a beer bottle in a wine shop.However, now according to the clarifications from the compound and after much examination, the video was not real but the making shot of Nayantara’s upcoming film ‘Naanum Rowdy Dhaan’ directed by Vignesh Shivan that has Vijay Sethupathi in lead.

She says, “Media has been going overboard about this silly video, i think it’s high time I  ask people who have actually taken time and effort to write this article, and given it undeserved attention,if they didn’t even think for a minute (basic common sense) that a person like me who is easily recogonised by the crowd would dare to walk straight into a roadside TASMAC shop and buy beer? Like Really ??!!” She further added, ” I sincerely request everyone who is going berserk on this issue and making up stories on their own to get the facts right before writing baseless reports and giving it more attention than it actually deserves. I don’t think they should be spending their energy on this matter without even understanding what is for the REEL and not REAL”.

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