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Tevar movie review.

Cast : Arjun kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha, Manoj Bapai, Shruthi haasan and others.

Directed by : Amit Ravindranath Sharma.

Language : Hindi.

Genre : Action.

Release date : 9th January 2015.

Rating : 2.5/5.

Music : Sajid Wajid.

Bottom Line : Original version was better than this one.

In recent times, Bollywood film makers are interested in remaking south films. Some of them are turning out as blockbusters and some are not. Tevar is also the remake of telugu blockbuster film ‘Okkadu’. Let’s check out whether tevar turned out as blockbuster or a damp squib.

In Agra, A kabbadi player named Ghan Shyam alias Pintu ( Arjun Kapoor ) is the son of a police officer. Like all youngesters he spends time with his besties. On the other hand, A dreadful man In mathura, Gajendra singh ( Manoj Bajpai) falls in love with Radhika (Sonakshi sinha) who is about to go US. Gajendra expresses his love to Radhika but she denies. The wicked man kills the brother of Radhika and hassles her. In the meantime, Pintu saves Radhika from the dreadful man and promises the damsel that he will help her to go to US. During this course, Radhika falls in love with our hero. Will Radhika go to US?  Will our heroine express her love to pintu? How pintu saves radhika from Gajendra singh are main parts of the story.

Amith Ravindranath sharma has come up with remake of Telugu film okkadu. He did a few changes in the script and that costs him so much. On top of that audience mindset have changed, this not a right time to choose this kind of scripts where a local dominates and hero saves the heroine.Dialogues written by Shrivastav are okay. Camera work by Laxman utekar is passable. Dev Jadhav’s editing should have been much crisper.Stunts are good. Music composed by Sajid Wajid is catchy. Especially the song ‘Joganiyaa’. Productions values are good.

After a bagged flop with ‘Finding Fanny’, Arjun kapoor is very determined to bag a hit with tevar. He shows his all attitude and determination in the lead role. Sonakshi sinha is not suitable for the lead role. She has already done these kind of role in R Rajkumar. Her performance is passable. Manoj Bajpayee steals the show with his mannerism and prowess. He nailed the negative role with ease. Shruthi haasan did an item number and it’s Okay. The supporting cast has done a good job.

On the whole, For the first time arjun kapoor has collaborated with his father Boney kapoor for Tevar and it didn’t turn out well. This is an outdated subject and poorly executed by the director.  Business wise, It will face tough time at the boxoffice. Watch it only if you are a die hard of arjun kapoor.

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