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Thrillers special -Mind twisting movies

These are some of movies and will update on your feedback


Thrillers Special -Mind Twisting Movies

Do I need to tell about this movie?the reverse screenplay is absolute brilliant and the screen cuts ,transitions,timelines merge everything is brilliant


Thrillers Special -Mind Twisting Movies

Predestination is a movie about a an agent going back to past with time travel to stop a serial bomber.Every time he goes back to the past and will change some events but still outcome will be the same.The main theme of the message you can understand from the title itself , it is always predestined how much you want to change the past or future you can’t and it happen the way it is predestined

Fight club

Thrillers Special -Mind Twisting Movies

One of most complex movie ever written and the twist will shock you.Thought provoking dialogues with bard pitt charisma Fight club is a must watch for its sheer thrilling cinematic brilliance

The prestige

Thrillers Special -Mind Twisting Movies

This movie is having a twist for every 15 mins. Nolan again proved a master storyteller with this movie.Christian bale ,Huge Jackman and Michel cain shined in their roles .The end will shock you and you will wonder why you did not noticed .Are you watching closely this is the opening dialogue of the movie which will reflect whole movie


Thrillers Special -Mind Twisting Movies

A great sci fi action thriller .Everything is perfect cast,CGI,Direction

The Truman show

Thrillers Special -Mind Twisting Movies

The end scenes of the movie is very different ,it captures the tragedy with a relief and you should watch the movie

Cloud atlas

Thrillers Special -Mind Twisting Movies

A very long movie and viewers will be confused because of the charecters but watch for execution of scenes,a great editing and end scene will be reveled what happened through out the movie

The Identity

Thrillers Special -Mind Twisting Movies

A very underrated movie and mystery of identity is the end twist

Shutter island

Thrillers Special -Mind Twisting Movies

the ending is ambiguous that you can view the movie in anyway and the scenes will reflect the viewer understanding.there are many interesting online theories on this movie

The Dark City

Thrillers Special -Mind Twisting Movies

If anybody into conspiracies this movie is the answer ,it will have many theories that will blow your mind watch it


Although movie goes to a darker path but the philosophy around the movie is great.If you watch as an action movie its fairly ok story but if you read all online analysis on the movie you will surprise by the philosophy Movie discusses living your own life by coming out of the matrix(society expectations,unnecessary stress,virtual world )

Thrillers Special -Mind Twisting Movies

Edge Of Tomorrow

Thrillers Special -Mind Twisting Movies

lots of entertainment with action but the screenplay is top notch .Watch for brilliant performance by Tom cruise in recent years

Donnie Darko

Thrillers Special -Mind Twisting Movies

A great small budgeted movie and a slow starter but the movie will thrill you by its complexity ,screenplay and a brilliant ending

butter fly effect

Thrillers Special -Mind Twisting Movies

For a single poster they thought this much ,the twists,the time altered scenes and a brilliant direction -it is a classic

Finnaly Michel bay transformers films .We can’t explain how brilliant the plot is .see below graph

Thrillers Special -Mind Twisting Movies

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