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Sammathame -Short film review -3/5

Story –  Sammathame is based on present day girl & boy. The boy falls in love with the girl in their first meet, but the girl misunderstands the boy. Watch the film to know if the boy wins her heart or not.

Before the camera

Only two characters are there in the film.Actor did very good job.His dialogue delivery and expressions are good Actress also did a fine job to the character.

Behind the Camera

Music – Background music is very apt for the scenes.

Camera work  and locations – As the story takes place in a coffee shop there is no scope for locations.

Director  Revanth Korukunda did a commendable job in handling dialogues and direction.

Analysis – Nice sweet short movie about love and life.

As story in a coffee shop Cinemababu giving verdict on Coffee cups.

Pluses                                                                              Minuses

Sammathame -Short Film Review -3/5
s3d - Sammathame -Short Film Review -3/5

Final verdict

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