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Weekend Special Story -Demonte Colony Film Analysis

Demonte Colony is an Independent horror Film  directed by Ajay Gnanamuthu .In Tamil independent wave is very high compared to tollywood and bollywood.So many small film directors and actors are succeeding in their efforts.its a good sign as they are encouraging these small flicks.Demonte colnoy of 1.5 cr(May be for special effects this cost happened because film is shot in a single bedroom ) released to positive reviews and collected 19 crores almost 1000% profit

So whats special in the film?

The name itself. Demonte Colony is a highly haunted place in Chennai.Once this place is belonged to a merchant Demonte  ,after his wife was dead he gone mad and killed himself.Chennai  people believes that the place is haunted .This place is now under a christian church and some investors came to buy and left without buying as it is containing lot of negative vibes ,So film director took this horror theme as his story and made a film and it connected to the audience very well as it is a real place.After the film released so many people are visiting this place in day time that curioist also helped movie very much

So what’s the story ?

The guy who played Demonte in flashback did nice job and cast is good

dem - Weekend Special Story -Demonte Colony Film Analysis

Story is very basic one,a friends group compleatly bored with their lifes and they want to have an adventurous experience  and so one guy suggest why wont we goto Demonte Colony?and these will go to that place and comes back to their room safely .But story starts now ,when they are trying to leave the room they cant?So watch for the screenplay and special effects.So total  movie in a single room with very limited props and camera angles are too good and added an extra dimension to horror film. BGM is very thrilling and fits to story nicely

de - Weekend Special Story -Demonte Colony Film Analysis

Overall film is a thriling watch for horor audience and fim students can watch as a case study how to use limited resources,how to concentrate on actors performances when you have a low budget and especially how to handle camera with out trolly ,crane shots etc.So watch the movie and get scared

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