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Macbeth film Analysis – A Visual grandeur with beautiful shots with a Shakespearean Style

Macbeth is about the ambition becomes an obsession and leads to the final fall of the hero Macbeth originally written by Shakespeare.Macbeth a loyal soldier listens a prophecy by 3 witches who says he will be a king and Macbeth believes in it and his wife also encourages him to be a king .So Macbeth kills his king when he is sleeping and becomes the king.But after that he feels guilt and totally becomes mad by guilt

Macbeth is having a great visual style. Every second is shot beautifully and the music is breath taking .A great background music is added a lots of depth to the movie.

Only two action scenes are there and small battle sequences but done brilliantly.Climax battle is done with brilliant style with dust and red color .

Performances wise all did good and Michel fassbender gives a stellar performance with his evil looks,guilt and expressions.He is slowly becoming this generations one of the best actor. Marion Cotillard is treat to watch and she observed trivial things and delivered with her performance

Although film is a not regulat action war film but it is like a theatrical play and staging also like theater.first film dialogue is very hard and Shakespearian dialogues are there in the movie and very hard to understand and it is a big disadvantage of the film .Although visually great ,the story we seen in many movies .Alots of filmmakers already taken this Shakespearian  theme and put in their movies

Finally Macbeth is true to its art form and not it is a commercial movie but its good in its own way and especially cinematography is gorgeous that you should watch it on big tv.Every cinematography student should watch this for its compostion,color coding(see last climax fight) and staging actors.Normal audience can enjoy this movie for its performances,visual style and grand sets

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