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5 most difficult and exciting movies you need to watch


The screenplay is so awesome that it requires multiple watching of the movie

The big short

Finally The big short is smartly written ,there is lots of humor and people should watch it because they will know the value of money,savings and they will get an idea how these banks.financial firms,housing firms will lure customers and how people are making wrong investments. Although this movie deals in America’s point of view you can watch it because everywhere same corruption is there with a different terminology

Cloud atlas

A very long movie and viewers will be confused because of the charecters but watch for execution of scenes,a great editing and end scene will be reveled what happened through out the movie

Inception – Do i need to talk more about this film

This movie belongs to mainly Christopher Nolan and DiCaprio looked very stylish in the role.Inception is all about the subconsciousness and how it can effect us without we knowing it.The gravity lift fight sequence itself is a cinematic achievement.His performance with Marion collitord in balcony scene is so subtle and emotional at same time


Predestination is a movie about a an agent going back to past with time travel to stop a serial bomber.Every time he goes back to the past and will change some events but still outcome will be the same.

The main theme of the message you can understand from the title itself , it is always predestined how much you want to change the past or future you can’t and it happen the way it is predestined


Most confusing movie ever directed

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