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best audience survived movies for fun

On contraory to everyone opinion I am giving best audience survived movies for fun


After earth movie

No dude the fear is there in theteres where this movie is played

Green lantern movie

If you want to take revenge on your Ex then send the DVD of this movie,you wont be disappointed

Batman and Robin

A movie unintentionally spoof itself

50 Shades of grey

After watching movie you will feel twilight as a classic

Twilight new moon

The first twilight movie is fairly good and I liked the concept.After all sequels are torture to watch and especially new moon is so boring and the ending is bullshit

The last air bender movie

One of high budget crap film of the decade


Adm sandler never disappoints in giving terrible movies.A president who plays videoe games and friend of sandler who is dumb in childhood.When aliens attacks the earth in form of video game charecters president asks sandler to help rescue earth because they played video games together and sandler is champion in video games…oh crap …in quora many are writing better stories for upvotes


sajid khan any movie is a survival for audience


audience who went to the movie are the biggest survivors of world history ,They need their own testimonies on youtube l


sometimes being alien is the only option – yes to watch this shit movie

Tees maar khan

actually its not akshay bur real director of the movie Farha khan herself became a fake direcor of this masterpiece in crap genre

Now for the anser to the question there are many good movies like cast away,127 hours,gravity … for best survival movies read list here

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