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Hollywood special – Movies sceens which are most emotional

I am not giving  classics or best but these scenes where I felt pretty emotional

the fall – really very good artistic movie

Film shot in 17 historical places with a beautiful cinematography and breathtaking visual style with good screenplay.Fall movie starts with a hospitalized movie stuntMan Roy walker telling a story of a bandit and his adventures to a kid who happens to be in the hospital.After telling some scenes hero stops and hero asks to get tablets which are at a specific place in hospital .Main hero lost interest in life and asks kid to get sleeping tablets and if she gets the tablets he will finish the story .

Kid don’t know what sleeping tablets do and she wents to hosipital pharmasy and climbs to get a bottle of medicine and falls .She will have a surgery on head and hero comes to hopital ICU room and kid asks the ending.Roy says that in story bandit and his friends all are dead in hands of villain and it is the ending

Kid asks to change the ending and Roy says he can’t change ending but repeated reuestes from her he changes ending of the story by allowing hero win.The deep symbolism is hero doesn’t want to live so he tells a depressed story ending and kid asks to change ending of the story …it symbolises that kid asking to change his life path and be more postive.And hero changing the story ending shows he is also being changed positive in real life


This scene is really well crafted.Its not just acting,direction but the situation itself is very tragic,happy and emotional at same time.


The end scene where he says ‘A guy gets on the MTA, dies, nobody notices’ – a pretty solod scene


Niki lauda putting his helmet in hosiptalafter he is injurted in a car crash shows how much he loves car racing.whole hopsital scene is emotional

Eddie The Eagle

Recently watched it and I really liked very much.Very uplifting story and you will be guessing what will be next and this movie reminds us why we love movies .The ending scene where he achives his dream done brilliantly

Lars and the real girl

One of most unconventional idea in a film.Ryan gosling did terrific job and climax is one of the best scenes of the movie. In climax he lets go his fantasy life and asks a real person for date .superbly directed scene

The big short

The scene in the end where stock market totally crashed and all empty chairs is very powerfull scene.Chrsitan bale whole monologue is terrific

Heat ending scene

Neil (Denerio) – I told you I never going back. cinematography is perfect ,framing and the slow soul searching type of music is one of best directed scene


The spirit of going ahead in spite of failing is therme of the film.the end scene of winning not only horse but main hero itslf rediscovers their lost spirit

perks of being a wallflower

This movie is about a teenage love and how some people always date wrong perons.But movie shows as teenage is not like as shown in american pie movies but it is a very confused and hard stage that every person has to gone through.The ending scene in the movie really one of emotional scene of the movie.The tunnel,the night car ride,the monologue on frienship .weldone

hollywood top10.emptionalmovies

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