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Commercial Star

Akkineni Akhil is not a new face to the telugu movie buffs. He is very well known as the scion of akkineni family.Inspite of Akhil’s debut movie on the cards He is getting close to the Telugu audience by doing commercials and Partaking in TFI events.
This young man has been signing advertising endorsements one after another.

The Titan Timeless and Mountain Dew are released a few days ago on the Internet. The commercials are an instant hit and went viral triggering a great response. Akhil is being showered with praises for his amazing screen presence. Akkineni fans are awaiting akhil’s debut movie but the official statement about his maiden movie is yet to release.

As a child artist in ‘sisindri’ he won the hearts of telugu cinema buffs. Akkineni fans are confident that . He is gonna do the same as a mainstream actor.

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