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India special article – Is our countrey moving in right direction

1.Startups (positive)

The startup culture started in last 5 years but from 3 years there are many startups with success stories.I known one of my friends started small startup and doing pretty well

not to mention today youngsters really want to be independent in their careers and they are really working hard…day by day career preference by youngsters is increasing and they are not settling for less

It is right time that India need companies who are being own masters instead of giving their work,effort,innovation to foreign in name of outsourcing

2.Drug culture in name of modernization (Negative)

Drugs are entering in India very fast.I known that some of colleges are really addicted to drugs.Youth is taking them to get high but they are losing the track.Not only drug culture but rave parties and party culture is also on high.Its ok to go to pubs and drink but that should be in limits but now a days its became a status symbol

3.techonology (Positive)

Even rural areas also high speed internet is there and people enjoying the technology. Although we hear some bad stories how technology is being misused but many of them profited from technology

4.Education increases ratio(Positive)

Compared to previous years no of education ratio and colleges significantly increased but sadly quality is not there but at least our country is providing education to as many as possible


unfortunately day by day this ratio is increasing -Former suicides is most important and sadly most neglected thing in India.Either farmers are quitting agriculture and going into citis for a labor work or they are quitting their lives.

So sad that that one who manufactures food which is most important thing of human life is earning less and living in a worst situation compared to any other profession in India.

Although the new machines are used in farms but these are with corporate and farmers are taking these machines for high rents and most of them are not aware of these , Local educated youth voluntarily held meeting and to give agriculture education to farmers .because government will always neglecting farmers the reasons are we don’t know

6.Youth (Positive)

I seen many youth are really want to do with their lives and striving for excellence although we will hear about some spoiled brats but people are really awakening.The youth power is tremendous in India but still many of them are direction less .If they are groomed in education level in a right way there is no stopping for India because this country future is in hands of youth

6.Politics (negative )

Do we need to say more

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