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mental health is one of neglected thing in your life -take care of it now

After watching Dear zindagi —it is a truth that mental health is one of most important thing

if you experience a hard situation then increasing tour mental strength is very difficult .It requires determination,loving your self more and others support.

one of the best way to improve is loving your self whteer the situation is.If you ca’y love your own self then how can you expect somebody to?

Most of people always doubt their own because of how others see them

Forgetting painful past is the hardest thing in the world and we can never forget that but we should master to control those past memories so that they can’t effect our ability in moving forward

we only become weak because we see others and follow other strengths unfortunately that becomes our weakness

never fear about the obstacles .it is not that much as easy as quotes but you must prepare for failures then only you can enjoy the glory of success

Try to do meditation everyday because it cleanses our negative thoughts and we can learn focus in this daily grind of life

Stop waiting for other people’s help although it is not a bad thing to ask but a certain point you won’t be find the help.You must learn and keep your mind in focus and walk slowly with out fear

You must manage your time with your mental thinking

Finally what successful people do

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