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weekend special story Revolutionary Road film analysis – Complex truth of marriage relationships



This movie is a hard watch . It discussed about many crucial things like family ,relationships and failure of dreams .

A couple always fighting among them because their views on life are very different to each other.The society sees them as beautiful,successful and charismatic couple but reality is nowhere near to that

This is what happens to most of us .Being trapped in relationships we don’t want but has to live in them because there are no better alternatives .The change is most fascinating thing and same time it is most difficult thing .Change is not easy .It is good in our dreams but when coming to action its most difficult task to accomplish it . In start of the movie main Protagonist DiCaprio wants to go to his dream country to start his passion on advice of his wife .His wife advised this because she also just want to release from the monotonous clutches of life by shifting to another country


The hypocrisy is with society when they shares this idea with neighbors and the neighbors are really unhappy because someone is being freed and they can’y and it kind of a jealous thing .This quotes tells the theme of the movie perfectly

The biggest challenge in life is to be yourself in a world that is trying to make you like everyone else

Once the initial excitement of change wares down due to practical reality of life,society expectations and the shackles of 9 to 5 protagonist once again imprisoned to his job which he hates passionately .Their lives became same as everyone .

So movie is a truth teller that can’t be digested easily by everyone .This movie is a great example of understanding characters in a true sense.A great society commendatory on many important things .This movie is perfect example for how to write sad dramas which will touch viewer hearts and asks them to answer to themselves ‘ Are they really living the life they wants ?

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