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Batman actor Christian bale oscar nominations analysis

First he already won for his role in The fighter.Academy won’t give easily oscars even leonardo decaprio waited for many years and his every nomination is a ground breaking performance

Coming to the bale he did terrific movies but many are not worth Oscar wins.His performance in Americ hustle is great but other nominations are so strong .Mathew for Dallas buyer club and Decaprio for wolf of wall street .Mathew won Oscar at that time

Big short – a complex role but limited role like 5 scenes but a great performance he did many awards and nominated in best supporting category.Mark Rylance won for his role in bridge of spies and not to mention Mark ruffalo did terrific job in Spotlight. So no chance for bale

His future movies

The promise is getting mixed revies in early release so no chance to win oscar. Song to Song is a terrance malick film and may get oscar nominations but christian bale is not main role it seems .Hostiles is a periodic drama so chrsitan bale may get a nomination for best actor role if movie gets good reviews.The directors also directed black mass featuring Johnny depp and depp got many awards that year

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